BlackBerry – 2011

Through our worldwide market research for RIM, we discovered that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was something of a trojan horse. In markets from Jakarta to Los Angeles, BBM was the primary reason to choose BlackBerry over other smartphones. As a robust, private and highly secure network, businessmen use BBM to close deals, and aid forces find it more reliable than military satellite phones to communicate in disaster zones.

And the attractive set everywhere rely on BBM’s reliability and security… to flirt.

We recommended to BlackBerry that they leverage this natural occurrence, and give what could be seen as stale benefits (security, reliability, speed) a fun and playful twist. As well this would further our efforts to grow a more youthful side of the brand’s personality.

To coincide with Valentine’s Day we created a TV and online campaign featuring real BlackBerry users (all non-actors) in Manhattan, capturing the flirtatious and intimate relationships taking place on BlackBerry all over town. The usual cat and mouse game, coyly facilitated by BBM. Lighthearted story-lines naturally tick all of the boxes of its features and benefits.

The spots were extremely successful in raising further awareness of BBM and its features and benefits. And it’s helped RIM to continue capturing the under-35 audience, presenting BlackBerry as a more youthful, lifestyle brand.

Advertising Age proclaimed about our campaign, “Thanks advertising, you really work!”