Title: The State of Us
Client: Droga5/ Prudential
Year: 2019
Poduction: RSA Films
Project: TV commercials & online films

In 2018, Prudential published a white paper expressing that a third of the US is struggling financially.

Working with Droga 5 and Prudential we traveled the country in an effort to better understand what Americans are going through – a project Droga5 called ‘The State of Us’. We researched and filmed a series of documentaries and TV commercials taking us to 9 cities and towns. From the town with one of the longest life expectancies (Loma Linda) to the town with the highest self-employment rate (Stonington), to the smallest town in America (Monowi).

Monowi was our first stop. Elsie is the mayor, treasurer, secretary, bartender and librarian of the Nebraskan town. Elsie’s story is not only fascinating being the only resident of a town, she also represents a striking finding that Prudential has made – 4 out of 5 women will eventually become solely responsible for their finances.