Title: Everyone
Client: Nokia
Year: 2007
Project: Print & Photography
Production: Lucid Inc.

Known for its powerhouse breadth, depth and scale, Nokia was facing fierce competition in the smartphone arena against high-end, high-priced, offerings of exclusivity. Nokia asked us to help research the affect this competition was having on their brand in markets around the world, and to consider how this might inform a new positioning.

We conducted research in six countries and were struck more by the similarities than the distinctions. Combining this knowledge with Nokia’s deeply held Finnish philosophies, we presented the company with a brand positioning that sat squarely against the exclusivity and elitism of its competitors, as a brand founded in egalitarian ideals. As well, the positioning highlighted the breadth and depth of their product offerings as a strength.

We developed this work into the ‘Everyone’ film and print campaign to articulate and share the new positioning. We filmed and photographed in Africa, India, China, and North America capturing real–life moments, and capturing an egalitarian and global tone. This work was the springboard for the North American Effie award-winning, ‘My Life Is In There’, and the subsequent global campaign ‘Design is for Everyone’. Nokia’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Lucid changed the way we see our brand”.