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Kendrick is a young, black calf roper grafting through the local, all-white rodeo circuits of the southern United States. Soft spoken and gentlemanly, roping is Kendrick’s singular focus, his ‘good addiction’. He practices long into the night and is happiest when he is on the road to a competition. Before each rodeo he prays for the safety of his horse and himself, and to win a check. Ever since he was a boy he has dreamed to one day making it to the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas. This is the beginning of that story.


WEBBY  - ‘Best Documentary 2013′
THE ONE CLUB - One screen ‘Best documentary’
THE ONE CLUB - One screen ‘Best Cinematography’
CINEMA EYE - Nominated for ‘ Best Short Film’


Sundance 2013
SXSW 2013
AFI 2013
True False 2013
SIFF 2013
Dallas Film Festival 2013
Mountain Film Festival 2013
Camden International Film Festival 2013
Sagueney International Short Film Festival 2013
Hot Springs Film Festival 2013
Milwaukee Film Festival 2013
Philadelphia Film Festival 2013